If you want your razor on fire, it might need time to improve your shaving game so switch to an electric razor. Even though they are not suitable for everyone and you finally have to decide what is the most high-quality electric shaver for you? Some undisputed benefits are used to use an electric shaver.


While the evangelist shaving traditional will argue that an electric razor will never match the razor in terms of proximity – the right to some extent – the real benefit of the use of electric shavers is increasing comfort.

We traded a little proximity for more convenience. There is no more incision, cutting, irritation, and razors on fire. Is it worth it? I think so.

Close enough pretty good

From the use of materials to progress in the bar and shaving head design, modern electric believers can currently provide comfortable and close shaving.

Manufacturers test various solutions, including the use of unique elements that will lift their hair and, ideally, cut below the skin level.

It works to a certain extent, and several electrical tools have provided very close shaving. And you don’t have to go for a premium price model because many budget-friendly choices offer excellent performance for the price.

You can check our review section to test the most popular models on the market in-depth and overall.

Fast and practical

Regardless of improvement in comfort, one of the main reasons for switching to an electric shaver inconvenience.

Traditional shaving usually means comprehensive pre-shaver routines. Water (preferably using a bowl and brush) and shave generally takes time: short stroke, rinsing your razor often, back to the second or third pass.

And in the end, you also have to clean and dry your shaver.

With an electric razor, you turn it on, shave and throw it to the cleaning station to make it clean, clean, and fully charged, ready to shave next.

Because most electrical attractions operate without cables, they are efficient to carry and are the ideal choice while traveling.

Cost savings

Electric razor means a higher initial investment. You will spend anywhere from 40 to 300 dollars or more depending on your specific needs and requirements for an electric razor.

You can check our recommendations for affordable shavers here; If your budget allows you, you can go for a line electric razor.

Either way, the shaver will eventually pay himself. Given the proper maintenance and maintenance, an electric razor will last for years and will only need new parts every 12 to 18 months (according to manufacturer).

Cleaning cartridges can add costs, but it’s up to you to decide whether to add to the cleaning station’s comfort with extra money.

Compared to traditional shaving, where multi-blade cartridges are popular expensive, and they only last for some shaving, using an electric shaver is very economical in the long run.

The learning curve that is less steep

Using a multi-blade cartridge and especially the security razor used. The angle, pressure, grip, and foam technique are just a few things you should pay attention to.

In the case of electrical shirk, everything is much simpler.

With just a few simple steps and easy to follow, you will be able to master electrical shirk in a short time. Electric razors also forgive compared to traditional razors because there are no open blades to touch the skin.

Since ancient times, the razor has been around when men use bronze blades of obsidian tools to shave hair. At present, there are enough shaving choices available to fill the hallway at the drug store. But what is most successful? Electricity? Manual? What is the deal with De Razors?


Pros and Cons of Electric razor


  • Electric razors tend to shave hair faster than a manual razor. Because they roll the skin, force the hair upward before cutting it, men don’t need to go through the same area many times.
  • Even though they are heavier than a manual razor, they are often more portable because they can be used anywhere there is a source of electricity.
  • Electric razors do not require special care items such as shaving creams, soap, gel, or even water.
  • They are more flexible because they can shave facial hair, beards, mustache, and sideburns.
  • Shaving with an electric razor can reduce the score, cut, and hair that grows inside.


  • The electric razor is not shaved as close as a manual razor, so you might not get an extraordinarily smooth final result, and you might have to shave more often if you have normal-to-hard face hair.
  • Many men find that using an electric razor needs practice. Although this type of shaving is considered “safer” than manual shaving, it can still hurt and irritate.
  • Although some new models allow electric razors to be used in wet conditions, most cannot be used in the bathroom. Electric razors also tend to be very hard.
  • They need a rechargeable battery or electrical outlet. If it is not charged correctly, an electric razor can die in the shaving.