Is it really cheaper to roll your own cigarettes?


Commercial cigarettes are the most popular products for smoking. However, other smoking products can give you better benefits. Roll-your-your cigarette (Ryo cigarette) is made by turning your cigarette using loose tobacco. Ryo cigarettes are also known as roll-ups, burns and rolls, and rollers.

People can make your cigarette Ryo in many ways:

  1. One can use cigarette paper and tobacco and roll them up to look like cigarettes.
  2. You can use a rolling machine. The rolling machine allows you to make Ryo cigarettes evenly distributed and tightly packed.
  3. You can buy a cigarette tube ready to use to fill it directly with tobacco and smoke.

Some tubes have filters, and some are not.

ROYET RYO is still unhealthy even though they have better advantages compared to commercial cigarettes. Just like retail cigarettes, Ryo cigarettes also expose you to the risk of oesophagal cancer, oral cancer, larynx and pharynx, and lung cancer.

The researchers also found that Ryo cigarettes contained the following dangerous chemicals:

  1. Ter
  2. Nicotine
  3. Carbon monoxide
  4. TSNA.

The good thing about Electric cigarette machine is that it does not contain hazardous chemicals and commercial cigarettes. Also, suppose you are a heavy smoker, and you want to stop. In that case, you can use Ryo cigarettes to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke every day until you finally stop from your unhealthy representative.

Also, this is the benefit of playing your cigarettes.

1. Ryo cigarettes eliminate the risk of death after a heart attack

This is surprising but true. Some studies show that Smokers Rollie tends to be at risk of death after a heart attack. Furthermore, smokers who have not experienced a heart attack before watching to have a dangerous heart attack compared to non-smokers. Several studies also show that smokers respond to heart attack care more positively than non-smokers.

2. You can control the amount of tobacco you smoke

Among the benefits of rolling up your cigarettes is that you tend to smoke less than smoking commercial cigarettes. To use Ryo cigarettes, you have to make an effort by placing tobacco losing cigarette paper and rolling it up; it’s not like a commercial cigarette where you only need to revoke it from the package and turn it on.

For this reason, roll up your cigarettes takes time and is uncomfortable. To turn on another stick, you have to pause and prepare the next Ryo cigarette to smoke.

As mentioned earlier, it can be used as a healthier alternative for Ryo cigarettes if you want to stop smoking, but you still can’t because your body has been addicted. You can use Ryo cigarettes to gradually reduce the amount of tobacco you smoke until you finally stop yourself from smoking. However, self-control is still the best way to stop smoking.

3. Psychological Benefits of Rollers

For most people, the primary reason cigarette smoke, regardless of whether commercial or Rollie, is to help them relax in a pressure situation. Also, some people smoke because cigarettes stimulate their brains. Nicotine, as additional chemicals in Ryo cigarettes, stimulates the brain to release dopamine.

Dopamine is a brain chemical that causes people to feel euphoria. This is why cigarettes make addiction and why people feel happier for a short time when they smoke.

Also, some cases are proof that people with schizophrenia who smoke tobacco have a lower attack episode. It also eliminates the impact of the disease. Furthermore, it indirectly reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

4. You know what you smoke

Commercial cigarettes are produced and packaged, so you don’t remember other chemicals included. If you roll your cigarette, you already know which chemicals will enter into your body. Next, you can adjust your roll even by adding a sense to it.

5. Ryo cigarettes help lose weight

If you notice, most people who smoke become slimmer. Tobacco can suppress our appetite. This causes people to reduce their desire to eat for a short time. Research has shown that smoking is an effective way to combat obesity and eating disorders. However, the effect is good for weight and not for the whole health of the body.

However, even though cigarettes can give you a feeling of euphoria, you must be aware of the harmful effects of cigarettes in general—the happy feeling when smoking is only short term. In the long run, your body is likely to suffer fatal diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer.

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